Essentrics with Toni

90 second sound bite…What is Essentrics Aging Backwards®


It is a dynamic stretching in motion low impact workout that uses our body weight to simultaneously lengthen and strengthen all 650 muscles and condition the bones, the joints and the Fascia.

The secret to its anti-aging benefits is in the fascia which wraps around literally everything in our body and holds it all together.

By age 40 these collagenous tissue layers begin to stiffen making it harder to slip and slide on itself.  And then the oily liquid in between these layers begins to get sticky, gooey and gummed up (think of lotion sitting on top of your skin; without friction it just sits there and turns to lard).

You need to actively condition the fascia, not just loosen it to achieve effortless, pain free movement.  This is where your kinetic energy is stored!

PLUS … it releases tensions and makes us feel good.


Yours in good health and good energy,


Toni Whaley, Certified Instructor

Essentrics ®

Scottsdale, AZ 85260




ESSENTRICS, "Aging Backwards” is a one hour zero-impact exercise program that engages all of your muscles using continuous rotational movements. This scientifically designed workout re-balances your body by working through your muscle chains to stretch and strengthen, release tension, and improve posture. The result: more energy, more mobility and a healthier you.


• Immediate changes to Posture

• Greater Range of Motion, Flexibility, Agility, Strength

• Anti-Aging Benefits


Learn the secrets to reverse aging with Toni Whaley.

Essentrics... A perfect workout for the perfect day

Eccentrics is a one hour zero-impact exercise platform that will help you "Age Backwards".

Essentrics with Toni