Essentrics with Toni

About Toni Whaley

I am  a proud Colorado native…born, raised and educated in Denver.

Because of my dedication to Essentrics™ I still enjoy the traditional Rocky Mountain lifestyle, enthusiastically partaking in outdoor activities, no matter where I am. Real estate was my life long career for twenty-two years in Aspen, and I ultimately became totally bored with it. Helping people thrive after 50 with vitality and maintain a  healthy active lifestyle with anti-aging benefits is anything but boring!

DISCOVER ESSENTRICS … Aging Backwards is Hosted by Toni Whaley, Certified Instructor



"What a delight to discover a knowledgeable, certified Essentrics instructor in the Valley!

Toni's support & enthusiasm encourage her students to effectively use Essentrics movements  to strengthen our bodies and continue the physical activities that keep us young!

Toni is a treasure! "

Jan C

March, 2019


Essentrics is the perfect full body workout for me! I was delighted to

discover it at our local Community Center. Our instructor Toni takes us

through a head to toe gentle, but stimulating and strengthening series of

stretches over one hour. Toni thoroughly explains the process and the

benefits with each movement. The bonus is having great music and Toni's

infectious enthusiasm, dedication, and positive energy to  motivate us and

keep us thinking "up thoughts"! It's the perfect combination! It has greatly

helped my balance and movement.

I am so grateful to have found Toni and Essentrics and would highly

recommend it for any fitness level.

Devon S

April 8, 2019



Aging Backwards a unique and safe exercise program designed for any age group, though perfect for ages 55 and up. It utilizes every muscle through stretching, strengthening and balancing in a hour one class. I suffer with upper back pain. The exercises helped to strengthen my back muscles and actually improve my posture. Within the class were women of varying ages, skill levels and health issues. Our instructor Toni worked with the needs of each individual to ensure proper technique with modifications for some. She enhanced the one hour workout with an upbeat, humorous and fun presentation. This is the first exercise class I’ve taken that is safe, makes sense and works. I’m hooked on this program!

Marilee W.

April 10, 2019


Essentrics... A perfect workout for the perfect day

Eccentrics is a one hour zero-impact exercise platform that will help you "Age Backwards".

Essentrics with Toni